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This foto was taken of Duke in 1991 around his birthday.

A small peice of the town of Damon died this morning 1/23/2000 His name was Duke Sirus,He was 17 years old .When i first brought Duke home he was already atleast 6 years old and severly malnurished ,his weight was 35 pounds. Within six months we had him up to his normal weight of 75 lbs, He was a wonderfull and gentle dog who loved other animals, children and adults alike, He loved to take walks to town with me to check the mail . Duke was a pure bred piney river wrangler plotthound if you know what that is and he had many talents that were truly his own. A piece of him now lives in the hearts of all of us who knew him, Duke was a very special dog, I love you always my good friend.